Friday, July 20, 2007

A Culinary Karoo Fest

It has often been remarked that people of South Africa do not show their own culture enough, and opt for serving more “western” food such as pizza or fish-and-chips. The Groenhuis Restaurant in Philippolis aims to offer the best of Karoo food – proudly.
A farm breakfast can consist of Kudu sausage, liver, fig jam on homemade bread, and slices of springbok biltong. Summer is the time of figs, prickly pears and pomegranates. Steaming coffee is served with fresh milk and rusks. A friend, well satisfied, once stood up and proclaimed: “Here, one does not eat only to quell the hunger!” In the evenings, the stomach is also treated to a feast of food. First is vegetable soup (made with vegetables from the garden). Main course is a choice of Karoo lamb chops, tripe, lamb pasta or sosaties (kebabs)… This is meat world (click here for a recipe to try at home)! But there are also quinces, olives, roosterkoek, stewed pears, pumpkin or marogo. But this is not the end – pancakes, milk tart or koeksisters are the delicious dessert items. And to round off, a taste of honey Witblitz.

* Booking is essential as each meal is uniquely prepared for guests. Remember to mention if meals should be local cuisine.
* Two course menu: R70+.
* Die Groenhuis Restaurant is licensed to sell alcohol.

Glossary of terms:
BILTONG: Spicy air-dried meat (beef, game or ostrich), preserved with salt and seasoned with pepper, coriander and other spices. Braai - The South African barbecue. An abbreviation of the Afrikaans word braaivleis (meaning ‘grilled meat’). Meat products and other accompaniments such as vegetables and garlic bread are cooked over an open fire in a relaxed, sociable environment. Koeksisters - (also spelt koeksusters or koesisters) Twisted plaits of dough, deep-fried in hot oil and soaked in thick syrup until translucent. Koeksisters are originally from the Orient. Lapa - An outdoor braai or meeting area, often with a thatched roof, often alongside a swimming pool.
PAP: Corn-meal porridge, usually thick enough to eat with your fingers.
ROOSTERKOEK: Bread kneeded and then cooked over open coals
VETKOEK: Deep-fried dough that can have a savoury or sweet filling.
WITBLITZ: A potent alcoholic beverage distilled from grapes.

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